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Ignoring the comments, you ll notice three main sections in database.yml called development, test, and production. These represent the three different environments your application can run under. For example, while developing, you want your application to return verbose error messages and automatically detect changes you make to the code. In production (better thought of as being a deployment environment) you want speed, caching, and nonverbose error messages. The test environment is provided so that testing can occur on a different database away from your regular data. The section you re interested right now is the development section. You need to edit the details in this section to reflect those necessary to connect to the database you created previously. For example:

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hen writing computer programs, it is usually possible to discern between a normal course of events and something that s exceptional (out of the ordinary). Such exceptional events might be errors (such as trying to divide a number by zero), or simply something you might not expect to happen very often. To handle such exceptional events, you might use conditionals everywhere the events might occur (for example, have your program check whether the denominator is zero for every division). However, this would not only be inefficient and inflexible, but would also make the programs illegible. You might be tempted to ignore these exceptions and just hope they won t occur, but Python offers a powerful alternative.

you re watching a lm or TV show and the sound is slightly out of sync it s very noticeable because your working memory has to do the extra work of continually trying to synchronize the mismatched images and narration.

development: adapter: mysql database: mydiary username: mydiary password: mypassword host: localhost

The last critical step before you can work on your application properly is to generate database tables to represent the models that your application will work upon. In this case we re going to keep it simple to start with and focus entirely on diary entries, so you ll call your database table entries.

Myth: I don t need to worry if what I say doesn t match up with my slide. Truth: Research shows that people understand a multimedia presentation better when they do not have to split their attention between, and mentally integrate, multiple sources of information.

In Rails, models and database tables generally have a direct relationship. If you have a database table called entries, then this will be directly related to a model class in your Rails application called Entry.

To represent exceptional conditions, Python uses exception objects. If such an exception object is not handled in any way, the program terminates with a so-called traceback (an error message): >>> 1/0 Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in ZeroDivisionError: integer division or modulo by zero If such error messages were all you could use exceptions for, exceptions wouldn t be very interesting. The fact is, however, that each exception is an instance of some class (in this case ZeroDivisionError), and these instances may be raised and caught in various ways, allowing you to trap the error and do something about it instead of allowing the entire program to fail. In the next section, you learn how to create and raise your own exceptions. In the following sections, you learn about handling exceptions in various ways.

conversion between singular and plural names automatically. However, it s possible to enforce table names manually to work under different situations (for example, using a table called diary_entries with a model class called Entry), but this is beyond the scope of this chapter.

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